afghan refugeesCan you help the Afghan refugees who are currently being welcomed to Northamtonshire?

Two hotels in the county are going to be housing up to 320 refugees from Afghanistan and West Northamptonshire Council have asked for help with donations of specific items which will be needed.


The specific items required are:

  • Suitcases/holdalls
  • New beard trimmers
  • New nail clippers
  • Children’s modelling clay
  • Dolls
  • Construction toys and cars
  • Building blocks
  • Jigsaws (more than 500 pieces)

Pledges of any of the above items can be made through the form on the council's website:

There is also an online cash fundraising appeal being organised by Voluntary Action Northamptonshire which aims to raise £15,000 and has already reached almost half of their target. You can make a donation right now, online and your money will be used to help the refugees in the most effective way.